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Websites for Mobile Devices

Go Mobile, Go Global! Today mobile web browsing is at an all time high and is predicted only to grow.Ensuring that your business has a mobile ready website is not only a necessity but fact of today’s market place.Mobile websites can be accessed by anywhere and by anyone with a mobile device. This presents unique ecommerce opportunities never available to us before. We have the know-how and experience to make your mobile site a success.

What a mobile website can do for you:  

Competitive Advantage Get an instant edge over your competition. In a mobile world where presence speaks volumes not having one, speaks even louder. Let Bloomland help you establish a proper mobile visibility so you can reap the rewards of our efforts.  

Brand Identity Expand your Brand and grow with mobile. As market for mobile devices is steadily growing so is the demand for mobile websites. Consumers want to interact with their favourite brands on their smart phones, PDA and tablet pc’s.  

Engage Your Users Mobile websites offer some unique features for engaging your visitors. Features like click-to-call or mapping functions. Let your visitors engage with your brand in new unique ways.  

Anywhere and Anytime Access One truly unique aspect of mobile websites is that they can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Let Bloomland show you today how you can take advantage of this opportunity.  

Make a Positive Impression You only get one chance to make a first impression. Your visitors will appreciate the effort you spent on optimizing your mobile site and we’ll reward you handsomely for providing them with exceptional user experience.  

Mobile Search Engine Optimization Improve your search engine ranking with a mobile website. Search engines like Goggle and Bing specifically look at websites made for mobile and rank them higher than regular websites.  

Offline Media Integration Did you know that you can combine your offline media and the mobile world together? QR codes are the answer. They are two dimensional codes that have been popular in Asia and Europe for years. These QR codes contain much more information than traditional bar codes and are often placed in magazines, billboards or any other printed materials you want them to be in. Once the client sees your printed advertisement, they can than scan the QR code with their smartphones and be redirected to your mobile page for more information.

Get a Mobile Website and connect with your clients wherever they are