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Using Your Social Media Voice Effectively

Social media marketing has become the most important buzz word in the industry and when Google reveals that social search will become increasingly more important in its results, it’s time for business owners to take notice. It’s important to note that social media will never completely replace traditional marketing techniques but it should occupy a prominent place in a small business owners marketing arsenal.

The best way for a small business owner to implement these marketing methods is to first define a strategy with simple guidelines that all users of the account can follow.  What is the primary message you are trying emphasize? Is it a focus on customer service? Do you have new products or services for which you are trying to raise awareness? Or is it simply to get some brand recognition for your company? Each of these goals means that employees posting under your business accounts should have a clear focus for their posts that emphasizes your goal.

Once your goal is defined it is important that your strategy implements some guidelines for employees to follow when posting:

  • Be professional – Posts should keep on point with your business goals and stay away from controversial subjects like politics or religion. Comments should be respectful and articulate.
  • Be brief and direct – Comments should be short and to the point.
  • Editing – Make sure to check and double check your work. Comments should be proven accurate and factual. Spelling and grammar checks are mandatory!
  • Accountability – Make sure all employees know that they are responsible for what they post. This takes a degree of trust as comments reflect on your business. Zero tolerance for questionable material!

Ultimately, the message or “voice” of the business should be aligned with these goals. It takes a lot of time and energy to make full use of these new tools and the process may be daunting. When it comes to this form of marketing it’s important to know that Bloomland is in your corner. We can offer any level of support for your social media marketing strategy – from building custom Facebook and Twitter pages to providing regular posts that are in line with your message. Ask us now, how we can help with your particular marketing needs.