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How do I fine-tune my Email SPAM Settings?

Bloomland New Email Services platform allows you to have full control over how incoming SPAM is handled through your Inbox.

In general, when an email message arrives at Bloomland email servers, Bloomland's SPAM Engine will tag the email message with a SPAM Score to indicate its likelihood of being real SPAM.

What are the correct Bloomland's Email Server Settings?

If you're using a non-browser based Email Client to access your Bloomland hosted emails, please make sure that your email client's server settings for these email accounts are set up correctly in accordance with the follwowing guidelines.

Bloomland hosted Email Services platform use the following Server settings in non-browser based Email Clients:

How to Change Outgoing SMTP Server Port setting in MS Entourage for Mac?

The following instructions will guide you through changing the Outgoing "SMTP Server" port setting of your Account profile in MS Entourage for MAC OS X.

This procedure applies to Entourage 2004 and Entourage 2008 using either POP3 or IMAP4 to access your email accounts on Bloomland's Email Services platform.

What are those "Chats", "Contacts" & "Emailed Contacts" folders under my main Email Folder?

These folders were migrated automatically from our legacy Email Services platform. They hold vCard (.vdf) formatted backup copies of your Chat, Contacts, and Emailed Contacts. These can be used to import into other 3rd party Messaging clients such as OutLook, Thunderbird, etc.

Please note that each entry contains the vCard file as an attachment named "vcard0.vcf", you'll need to save this attachment file to your computer and rename it accordingly to avoid filename conflicts if there are more than one entries!

I can receive emails but NOT Send emails! What can I Do?

Many Internet Service providers block SMTP port 25, which is used for sending out Email messages. They do this to prevent ordinary consumers from setting up an Email Server to send SPAM through their networks!

Both Shaw/Rogers and Telus are examples of providers who block port 25 for ALL of their non-business clients, unless these clients are on their highend Premium Service plans!

Currently, Bloomland's New Email Services platform supports the following connection ports for Email Messaging in addition to a browser based Webmail Interface:

What type of Mailing Lists do Bloomland support?

Because of wide-spread use of certain types of Mailing Lists by Spammers to generate SPAM, Bloomland supports the use of just two basic types of mailing or distribution lists within its core standard Email Services.

Can I Mass Email?

Bloomland Email Mass Mailing Policy

Bloomland does not support outbound mass mailing as a standard offering. As standard practice we limit users from sending mail to large numbers recipients per 24 hour period. This limit is restrictive on the first day of usage, and becomes more lenient over time. Users who reach this limit will experience error messages stating "Daily maximum exceeded".