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BloomX File Exchange And Data Sharing Service

BloomX provides multiple and flexible solutions for your online file-sharing and file-storing needs without requiring any installation.

Online Reservation System

Does your business rely on taking and organizing large amounts of reservations? Restaurants, ticketing agencies and transportation companies would all benefit from the time and money saved by having this process automated online.

Imagine customers being able to arrange for their own reservations whenever it's convenient for them and not have to wait for business hours in order for someone to answer the phone. With Bloomland's new Online Reservation Module your customers will be able to do exactly that.

Premium Anti-Virus Protection

Bloomland is proud to announce that we are now official distributors of ESET NOD32 anti-virus software. This suite of anti-virus software allows complete, comprehensive security through its various products like Mobile Antivirus, Remote Administrator and Smart Security which is a web based security suite. We can provide the software, enterprise installation as well as client support services. 

Features Included:

Remote Storage and Back Up

Does your business have a fool proof data back up plan? Your data is the most valuable commodity your business has and not having a plan is just asking for trouble. Bloomland now provides remote storage solutions that can be customized to fit your needs. This valuable service includes:

•    Automatic back up of local files to a remote storage location
•    Full and incremental file synchronization
•    Disaster recovery and full data restoration

Drupal Mobile

Do you want to know when a person is accessing your site from a desktop or a mobile device? Does it matter whether you have a mobile only website or not? Would you like to notify your visitors that a mobile version of your website is available automatically? Then you’ve come to the right place, Drupal Mobile solves all the above problems and more:


Bloomland Printing ensures that your printed materials are not only done with high quality paper and ink but also will also design it for you leaving you with a hassle free experience
o   Logos
o   Business cards
o   Posters
o   Brochures
o   Booklets

Client Training

Bloomland understands very well the integral role it plays in our client's success. We know what it takes to run a successful business and love sharing it with our clients. Our in depth and easy to grasp training allows us to train our clients on how to get the most out of our technology and solutions.