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Development and Functionality

Pretty websites are just that, pretty. An outstanding website is not only superbly designed but also functional and responsive to changing trends in the market place. That is precisely the reason why Bloomland offers a wide range of tools designed to ensure that your website “makes sense” to your visitors and is visually appealing

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Steps to start a brand-new site

Pretty often new site is starting with purchasing template and then all the development is focused and dictated by this template, rather than business needs. We recommend to follow these steps when setting a new online presence:

1. define purpose and strategy (in phases)

a) corporate and service marketing (one-way communication)
b) interactive portal (two-ways communication, feed-back, membership)
c) social portal (3-ways communication, members can communicate with each other)
d) e-commerce
e) special functionality - e.g. mass-mailing

2. define structure and navigation map

SSL Security and Certification

As stories of cyber criminals and security breaches abound in the media, more and more shoppers in the marketplace have concerns about sharing their personal information online. Identity theft and credit card fraud are two of the most damaging crimes being perpetrated today but by using SSL certificates on your ecommerce site your users can feel safe knowing all their personal data is encrypted and out of the hands of criminals.


Collection of Multimedia services designed to make your website more interactive and pleasurable to surf

  • Image Slideshow
  • Video Slideshow
  • Video and Image Slideshow
  • Rotating Banner with Images
  • Rotating Banner with Video
  • Rotating Banner with Video & Images
  • Built in Image Gallery (light box, rollovers, auto change)
  • Embedded You Tube Video Audio player

Membership Programs

Do you have great content and want to monetize it? Then a membership based website is the answer. It will allow you distribute your content to paid subscribers through your password protected member's area.

Bloomland has extensive experience developing membership websites and is ready to put it to work for you.

Why Should You Get A Membership Website? To name a few reasons:


Bloomland's Newsletter creation and publication services are designed to help you establish a real conncetion with your audience. Opening up that common ground can have great benefits for you and your business. What we can do for you:

  • Custom Design Mock-up
  • Development of Custom Newsletter
  • Subscription Form
  • Database Integration

How you will benefit:

Website Development

Bloomland goes the extra mile when developing websites. We take advantage of the latest technology trends and make them work for you. That’s why our websites are designed to be responsive to changing market currents and easy to update for our clients. We don't hide anything and instead share our knowledge with clients and partners that we work with. Through this attitude we have been able to remain competitive and ahead of the pack.

What Can Be Included?


A list of E-commerce functionalities we can incorporate into your site:


Collection of interactive tools designed to make your website stand out and grab attention at a first glance. For quick reference, below are some of the tools that we offer: