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Content and Media

We all know and have heard that “Content is King” but ensuring that your website has it, and what is has is of value to your visitors is another question. At Bloomland we believe that one of the best ways to add valuable content to your website through media. That’s why we offer a comprehensive set of tools and services that aim at providing you with high quality, value added content.

Creative Content Creation

Nothing drives traffic and eyeballs to your website like quality content. No matter how beautiful, dynamic and optimized your site is, visitors will not stay to enjoy it if they don't find the quality content that they're looking for.

Imagine having a professionally shot how to video about your particular product or service. How about a high resolution photo gallery of your products? Maybe some testimonials or stories about how your products were enjoyed by your customers?

BloomDeck-Professional Remote Desktop

Does your business rely on having a lot of data being sent back and forth between your staff and your clients? We have a very easy and efficient solution for your needs. Our Remote Desktop service allows you to have a dedicated server in our data center that houses the applications you use. We can then provide multi user access so your clients can log in, update their records, provide new information and print reports without having to go through your staff. What are the advantages of this service?

Websites for Mobile Devices

Go Mobile, Go Global! Today mobile web browsing is at an all time high and is predicted only to grow.Ensuring that your business has a mobile ready website is not only a necessity but fact of today’s market place.Mobile websites can be accessed by anywhere and by anyone with a mobile device. This presents unique ecommerce opportunities never available to us before. We have the know-how and experience to make your mobile site a success.

What a mobile website can do for you:  


Webinar is a type of web conferencing in which one-way communication between the speaker and the audience occurs, with limited audience interaction. Webinars are a great way to boost traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate at the same time. Bloomland's technology makes it simple for your message to be heard and seen!

Why Should You Consider Webinars?

Video Streaming

Videos streaming service that allows you to place videos directly on your website for the enjoyment of your visitors.


Adobe Flash elements aimed at making your website more interactive and eye-catching for your visitors.

Google News Contribution

  If you have valuable original text content, regularly updated and which might interest Media sources, Google News can consider your site as Google News source.

Bloomland will be glad to review your site according Google requirements, adjust the configuration if necessary and integrate auto-submission process.